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Doll In Progess II by Loonaki
Doll In Progess II
I'm really happy with her joint work so far. She's really nicely poseable, holds the poses pretty good, can stand supportless and even hold things without her arms giving in. 

Workspace and progress photos.
Doll In Progess by Loonaki
Doll In Progess

So this is what I’ve been working on this past month. I’m very happy with the progress so far. Of course one month was too ambitious a goal to finish a doll, but I’ll continue to work on her off the 12 Art Projects 2015 thing. The eyes are only makeshift ones so she doesn’t have an empty skull in the photos, I will make different ones at some point.

I’ve put together a bunch of pictures from my photo documentation of the project.

More pictures.

February Doll Project by Loonaki
February Doll Project

This is my first try at sculpting a doll with hollow parts that works with inner stringing. I didn’t keep dA updated with WIPs, so this is a collection of my process in making her until this point (which is the end of February and thus the end of the doll making project of my 12 Art Projects 2015). As always I worked with Fimo polymer clay to sculpt all the parts. I know lots of people use paper clay or other air dry clays to make dolls, but I’m too impatient for anything air drying. My process is easily described: sculpt, bake, cut and sand, sculpt again, bake again and so on.

I had made the basic head sometime last summer, so all I did this month was the body (which is not even finished), so you see it’s a very time consuming process. But also very rewarding, as it continues to inspire me and I not once had art block from it (which is rare for me), so I’ll definitely continue to work on her.

Here are photos of her current look in better lighting.

So now that I finally finished my Ghibli series, let’s move on to the February project of my 12 Art Projects of 2015. I’m a week late and I was so wrapped up in the Ghibli series that I only created one other piece of fanart. I actually had planned on drawing things for more fandoms than just 2, but at least I’m satisfied with the series, so that’s good.

Anyway, for February I chose Doll Making as a project, because I absolutely love doing that and I’ve been very inspired to continue learning and practicing more. I finally learned a way to make wigs myself so my first piece for February was making a human hair wig for Sophie. It’s not perfect, but I like how it came out. And now she finally has a nice, fitting and manageable wig.

Sophie V by Loonaki Doll Wig WIP by Loonaki

I already started a new doll as well, but nothing worth showing yet. I really hope I find the time to get a lot of work done on it. 

I wish you all a nice February. :)


Also: Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! :heart: I really appreciate all your comments a lot.
Sophie V by Loonaki
Sophie V
I made a new wig for Sophie.
It's made from real hair and that was so strange to work with, because you're so used to touch doll hair and it feeling fake, that it's just weird when it feels (well, is) real. But it's also wonderful to work with, because you can use heat on it and products and it doesn't tangle so easily. I enjoyed the process of making it. 
Doll Wig WIP



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Loonaki Stamp by ClefairyKid

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